Be Prepared for Registration!

Summer and Fall registration is happening April 14th – 25th and then will re-open over the summer for add/drop.  Registration advising is NOT REQUIRED for economics majors.  See the tips below on how YOU can prepare for registration:

**Course Schedule Updates for ECO Classes: There will be some things changing on the course schedule that aren’t updated online yet, particularly for ECO 304K, ECO 420K, ECO 320L, ECO 341K as well as some cancellations and tentative additions.  Please click here for updates and keep checking the schedule before you register.

1. Review your Degree Audit- to see what requirements you have fulfilled and what you still need. If you need help accessing or reading your audit, we can help you at the advising office front desk.

2. Request TEMPORARY prerequisite waivers using this survey if -

  • You are currently taking or will be taking a course outside of UT that is a prerequisite for an economics course you want to register for. (ex. taking intro economics or calculus at community college and want to register for ECO 304L, ECO 420K, or ECO 329)
  • You have an odd calculus sequence and want to register for ECO 420K and/or ECO 329. (ex. M 408 C & L or M 408 N & S or M 408N & L, etc)

*You may request waivers using this survey or in-person at the Economics Advising Office.

*Prerequisite course(s) must be posted to your record by the beginning of the semester to avoid being dropped.

3. Look at the Course Schedule – The Summer schedule will be posted on March 25th and the fall schedule on April 1st.

4. Check your Registration Information Sheet (RIS) – Registration access times and registration bars will be posted around March 25th.

*If you declared the economics major this semester and have an advising bar, call us or stop by and we will clear it!

5. Use Online Waitlists – Waitlists for ECO courses will be activated on Friday, April 25th (the LAST day of registration) between 8:00-8:15am.

-If you want to register for an ECO course that says ‘closed’, log back in and add yourself to the waitlist on April 25th.  Review Registration FAQs for more information about registration procedures.

Optional Appointments: Registration advising appointments to discuss the upcoming semester will be available March 24th – April 24th. Call us at 512-471-2973 or stop by to schedule yours, we WILL get booked up quickly!

Adalyn’s Registration Tips

Here are some super pro-tips from our very own student employee Adalyn!

  • Have back-up plans:  Some courses may fill up before you can register for them; make sure to consider alternative courses to sign up for while you waitlist the ones you want.
  • Visualize your schedule: Use the calendar on to help plan out your course load.
  • Check out syllabi for courses:
    • Under ‘Learn Here’ on the UT home page, you can find a link to syllabi from the current or previous semesters
    • Pro-tip: determine which courses have finals and which don’t!

Happy Registration!

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Add/Drop Open on January 6th!

Welcome Back!!  ADD/DROP starts Monday 1/6!  See your Registration Information Sheet for access times.  No need to be confused about registration. Be ahead of the game and see below for answers to the most common questions! For more awesome reminders and announcements, like us on Facebook and become a follower on Twitter! @jillatfrontdesk

Walk-in Advising ONLY between Mon 1/13 – Wed 1/29:

  • For registration help or to discuss your spring schedule, come by during office hours (Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm, closed 12-1pm for lunch).  No long-term planning appointments will be available until February.
  • Due to high traffic, we may not answer every phone call. It is best to come by in person, but we WILL return voicemails by the end of the day or the following morning.

Registration Timeline:

  • Mon 1/6 – Thurs 1/16: Add and drop classes and waitlists online through Thursday 1/16. Check your RIS page for your access times!
  • Fri 1/17 – Wed 1/29: Continue to drop yourself from classes online through Fri 1/29. You must sign up on the paper waitlist to potentially add ECO courses. Classes can only be added through that department’s advising office at this point and may not be allowed.

Paper Waitlist Available Friday 1/17 at 8:00am for Select ECO Courses:

  • We will have a first come first served paper waitlist available on Friday 1/17 at 8:00am for certain classes, a list will be available by the first week of  classes.  People start lining up before 8:00am!
  • You MUST be on the list and a seat MUST become available- we don’t copy you down from the online list!

Prereq Proof Needed by Thursday 1/16:

If we gave you a temporary waiver to be able to register for a class, please read the following to avoid being dropped.

  • Send transcripts to UT Admissions as soon as possible.
  • Please ALSO plan to bring documentation to our office like a copy of transcript, printed grade report, etc by Thurs 1/16 so we can confirm you’ve completed the prerequisites.
  • If you know you won’t meet the prereqs, please DROP YOURSELF from those classes.

Run a Degree Audit (especially May grads!):

  • Once you have your spring schedule finalized, run a fresh Interactive Degree Audit BEFORE Wednesday 1/29 to make sure you are registered for the classes you need.

-The Econ Advising Staff
BRB 1.114, 512-471-2973

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