Sorry for the radio silence, but the SP team has been diligently conducting interviews with our customer steering committee to nail down what the new product should look like. Our requirements will be approved in the next week before the holidays and we hope to have plenty of updates coming soon!

In the meanwhile, we have been evaluating potential vendor solutions at a very, very high level. More to come there as well.


This blog is to serve the University of Texas community by communicating news, information, and insight into the new IT Service Provisioning project.

Per the project charter, this project is meant to:

The Service Provisioning Technology Selection project will document campus requirements for information technology (IT) service provisioning and select and procure one or more business process and technology solutions to satisfy those requirements for Information Technology Service’s (ITS) services.

As of this post, the project charter has been approved and the stakeholders and requirements gathering is underway. At the conclusion of this phase, an RFP will be created and made available to vendors.