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The Lives of Blacks In Texas: Racial Or Ethnic Segregation Trends In Metropolitan Texas, 1980-2011

With drastic changes in the US population’s racial or ethnic composition, the country is moving towards a multiethnic society. This is particularly true in Texas, where people of color made up more than half of the total population in 2012. Based on longitudinal Census data, the main purpose of this brief is to examine the trends in residential segregation patterns between Texas’ major racial or ethnic groups, and discuss how these trends affect the living environments of Blacks or African Americans.

The results show that Texas’ levels of residential segregation by race or ethnicity remained high, despite significant progress in desegregation over the last three decades. Texas’ Black or African American population have been moving from predominantly black neighborhoods to racially mixed areas. Accompanying this population shift is an increasing divide between the more and less affluent Blacks or African Americans. Policy implications of these findings are also provided.

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