Contact information for all current GAGE officers can be found under the people tab.

President Vice President Treasurer
2013-2014 Paul Holloway John Clary Justin Laue
2012-2013 Molly Polk Jonathan Lowell Katherine Lininger
2011-2012 Jon Gehrig Pamela Sertzen Molly Polk
2010-2011 Josh Rudow Maria Jose La Rota Pamela Sertzen
2009-2010 Lindsey Carte Andrew MCGown
2008-2009 Matthew C. LaFevor Andrew Riely
2007-2008 Solange Muñoz
Secretary Graduate Student Representative Historian
2013-2014 Thomas Christiansen Christine Bonthius Kalli Doubleday
2012-2013 Bisola Falola Christine Bonthius John Clary
2011-2012 M. Anwar Sounny-Slitine Jennifer Alexander Katherine Lininger
2010-2011 M. Anwar Sounny-Slitine Emily Duda
2009-2010 Mason McWatters Maraigh Leitch
2008-2009 Ingrid Haeckel Chris Ulack

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