Designers Imagine Winter Olympics in NYC

Winter Olympics NYC

Holding the Winter Olympics in sub-tropical Sochi has necessitated creative methods for keeping those slopes snowy, such as 450 snow canons and mountain snow reserves. This may lead you to wonder, what would the Olympics look like in other cities, like New York? Likely inspired by the city’s intensely snowy winter, designers were invited by the New York Times to imagine Winter Olympic events staged in some of New York City’s most iconic areas.

Source: Visual News

Focus on Interiors: The Politics and Memory of Furniture


Lebanese design studio Bokja Design are not only furniture designers, they create site-specific installations that delve into the history and memory embedded in personal belongings. In their haunting collection Migration Series, Bjoka “…references stories of movement and change which come from all over the world. Reflecting the impact of war, taxes, instability, the economy or even love, the Bokja team has created a collection which captures the very fundamental human experience of bundling up belongings, packing away treasure and moving on.” See more from the installation here.

Source: Bokja Bites

Timeline of the Far Future

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 10.33.50 AM

Planning for our future is an inherently problematic task.  That said, the BBC has put together some of the best guesses of when big events will happen in their graphic: Timeline of the Far Future.  First they created a timeline of the forthcoming year, then the next century, and finally this cool (and humbling) infographic which traces pretty much the end of time.

Source: Timeline of the Far Future


The Internet Mapped

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 9.35.17 AM

Ruslan Enikeev has created an incredible map of the most mind-bogglingly big thing that humans have created: the Internet. Utilizing statistics from Alexa and Google Maps Engine, Enikeev has mapped more than 350,000 sites from 196 countries and all domain zones. Color coded by country, the zoomable map is a representation of usage; the larger the circle the more traffic. Switching between websites creates the circles’ proximity to each other. For more information on the map and how Enikeev created it, check out his blog.

Source: The Internet Map

Focus on Interiors: The Home Library


As e-readers become increasingly popular, is there still a place in the home for a personal library? Designers and bookworms alike will tell you: absolutely! The familiar feel of a favorite book’s dog-eared corners, the sound of a page turning, the unusual shape of a special volume–these are some of the experiential qualities designers are tapping into to create unique spaces for personal libraries. Read more about innovative contemporary library designs here.

Source: The Boston Globe

Focus on Interiors: Airbnb Park at SXSW


Airbnb brings a pop-up park to Austin for SXSW. Conceptualized as an oasis from the people-packed streets and venues, the park features restful interior and exterior spaces designed by SXSW performers Capital Cities, Allen Stone, and Snoop Dogg in collaboration with HGTV host Emily Henderson using pre-fab spaces from kitHAUS. The Park will provide space for yoga, spa treatments, cooking events, and of course music! For up-to-date schedule of events, stay tuned to Airbnb’s blog.

Source: Dezeen